A very fine violin bow by Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Knopf ca.1855. Certificate by C. Hans-Karl Schmidt.

A fine violin bow by Roderich Paesold about 1960. Silver mounted. Octagonal pernambuco stick.

Fine violin bow by Paul Weidhaas about 1935. Silver mounted.

SOLD! Violin bow by Emil Max Penzel ca.1920. Silver mounted.

German violin bow by Emil Kuehnl***. Silver mounted.

Swiss violin bow from the workshop of Siegfried Finkel made about 1980. Nickel mounted.

German violin bow by Johannes Otto Paulus from the 1950s. Silver mounted.

SOLD! Fine english violin bow by Michael J. Taylor made in 1984. Tourte model. Silver mounted. Silver headplate. Original lapping and leather.

Prof. Adalbert Pilch 1917-2004
Prof. Adalbert Pilch 1917-2004